Dance the Covid Away – My Experience with Adelaide’s Futile Nightclub Restrictions

In Adelaide, South Australia, there is no community transmission. The big threat is the chance of infection spreading from Melbourne. In the meantime, nearly all types of businesses are open. The exception is nightclubs. Some of Adelaide’s biggest nightclubs were heavily fined after the first weekend of reopening. New restrictions make it almost impossible for dance clubs to operate. With these usual venues closed, smaller and seedier bars are enjoying a unique surge.

I experienced this first hand at a bar in North Adelaide. Ordinarily, it would only…

Raising Welfare will Raise the Economy

The Australian economy has been precarious for at least a year. As Greg Jericho has shown, the private sector has been in recession for the last four quarters. This was before the bushfires –– whose costs are set to exceed $4.4 billion –– and before the Corona outbreak, which is on track to cost the Australian economy over $2 billion.

Recession isn’t inevitable, but best protecting against one requires prompt structural reforms. Fortunately, the problem is not a lack of policy options. …

For the last few elections, Australians have been able to vote for experiments in a far more democratic system. But “neutrality” is preventing proponents from highlighting its role in solving the climate crisis.

The party fields candidates who pledge to vote according to the results of a blockchain-based app. The app allows citizens to custom fit their vote. They can vote as direct (by voting per act of parliament) or as representative (by designating representatives for some or all issues) as they wish. …

The Great Blading Bubble: How Toxic Masculinity Inflated and Burst Aggressive Inline

Matt Mantz — Backslide Vegas ’97

[disclaimer: this is a speculative interpretation of intangible cultural forces.]

In the early 1990s inline skating broke out as the world’s fastest growing sport. By 1997 there were 29.1 million skaters world wide. Within this movement, teenagers inspired by skateboarding and BMX began pushing the limits of what was possible in terms of jumps, spins, speed, and sliding down handrails. This group, self identifying as “aggressive inline skaters”, would compete on live television at the x-games. Their skater-owned brand, Senate, sold millions of t-shirts. But then, the rise…

Could Australia afford a Universal Basic Income such that everyone would receive 25, 000 dollars, with which they could do whatever they wanted? Would it cost more than we currently spend? [Short answer: in many cases, it will actually cost less.]

So far, when talking about a UBI at “pubs” (let’s be honest, I can only afford to drink in backyards), I run up against the criticism that it “just isn’t affordable”. …

Many humans feel incomplete. As they contrast the ticking time bomb of their own life expectancy – statistical, but no less real – with the job that they work and they hate, they feel as though their life is “meaningless”.

Strangely, however, there isn’t much agreement on what “meaningfulness”, in this sense of the word, actually means. Most attempts at defining the word strike as semantic sleights of hand. The sound “meaning” is replaced with another sound, a synonym, like “purpose”. But such word juggling does not clear things up. Indeed, couldn’t ones life be purposeless, and yet still be…

For each ideology, there exist simplified summaries that help to categorise the political landscape, but that damage a healthy understanding of what each ideology actually believes its concerns and conclusions to be.

So Marxists want to make everyone exactly equal by taking away all belongings, because they hate everything about capitalism.

And libertarians want to replace all welfare with ruthless evolutionary competition so as to kill off all poor people.

For Flux, the simplification is probably something like: kids these days think that because they voted on Australian Idol over SMS in 2003, they should get to vote on tax…


Amateur Historian / Passive Aggressive Inline skater

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